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Series Overview: The “Return to Me” series is a 9-part sermon series teaching from the visions of Zechariah.  The series title is taken from Zechariah 1:3 “’Return to me’, declares the Lord Almighty, ‘and I will return to you’”.  The thesis of the series is that God gives spiritual revival by displaying who He is. Each sermon calls us to return to a different aspect of who God is.

Context: Ezra chapters 1-6.  God called the prophets Haggai and Zechariah (520 B.C.) to communicate His words to the oppressed and discouraged Israelites (Ezra 5:1) when their work on the temple had come to a halt (Ezra 4:24). 

“For months before this decree[to continue rebuilding] was made, the Israelites had kept on working by faith, the prophets of God still helping them by means of timely messages, through which the divine purpose for Israel was kept before the workers. Two months after Haggai's last recorded message was delivered, Zechariah had a series of visions regarding the work of God in the earth. These messages, given in the form of parables and symbols, came at a time of great uncertainty and anxiety, and were of peculiar significance to the men who were advancing in the name of the God of Israel. It seemed to the leaders as if the permission granted the Jews to rebuild was about to be withdrawn; the future appeared very dark. God saw that His people were in need of being sustained and cheered by a revelation of His infinite compassion and love.”

-Prophets and Kings, p.580